After Dark Program Attracts Grant

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

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The ‘After Dark’ wildlife camera monitoring pilot, run by Rocky Point Bushcare, has attracted a grant from Greater Sydney Local Land Services.

In January Lower Western Shores families were offered an infra-red camera to put in their backyards so they could see what wildlife moved through their properties after dark.

The pilot was fully booked with the Newby, Kitching, Stidwill, Cummings, and Punch families all reporting varied success with the camera. Summing up the experience Ilsa Newby emailed the following: ‘It was really fun having such an opportunity to see the garden at night!!! We saw a rat, a wolaby foot and Daddy!

Given it’s ability to provide both fun and and greater awareness and knowledge at the same time, Rocky Point Bushcare successfully applied for a grant for a third camera so that they could trial an extension of the program to all residents on the Lower Western Shores over the next 3 months. If successful the camera will be available to the community through-out the year.

Camera bookings will open March 7.

If you are keen to take part in the initial 3 month trial please email Jude James on:


Scary 'Wolaby'- Photo supplied by Ilsa Newby

'Brush Turkey checks out Lovett Bay' - Photo supplied by Ethan Stidwill

Mr Possum on the move - Photo supplied by Orion Kitching Shaw and Tahlia Leslie & Sienna Leslie Kitching 

Pygmy Possum takes eucalyptus leaves into nesting box for a nest - Photo Sarah Gardner & Lyn Hughes

Feathertail glider on roof - Photo supplied by Mel Broughton 

Feathertail Gliders approaching nest box - Photo Lesley Stevens


Feathertail Gliders approaching nest box - Photo Lesley Stevens


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