Bush Regeneration

Bush regeneration is the practice of restoring bushland by reinstating and reinforcing the system's ongoing natural regeneration processes. Bush regeneration work aims to rehabilitate the bush from a weed infested or otherwise degraded plant community to a healthy community composed of locally occurring native plants. 

Bush regeneration is not just weed removal, it is an integrated approach that encourages the bush to 'bounce back' through natural processes. This approach must focus on many aspects of the environment such as habitat, drainage, weed sources and establishing native communities.

These program goals require commitment, long-term planning and the development of a variety of skills, concepts and techniques.

Bushcare Groups

The lower Western Shores have four bushcare groups: Elvina Bay, Rocky Point, Coopers Point (Little Lovett Bay) and Morning Bay. Membership is open and newcomers welcomed and encouraged.


Elvina Bay – Lisa Atkins – 9997 5466
3rd Saturday of the month 1pm – 4pm

Rocky Point – Lesley Stevens – 9979 9477
1st Monday of the month 9.30am-12.30pm

Cooper’s Point, Little Lovett Bay – Antonia Kitching – 9999 4201
2th Sunday of the month 9am-1pm

Morning Bay – Jane Jobson 9997 8454
The Morning Bay group works to a flexible schedule.
 We meet monthly (9am-12pm), often on the 2nd weekend and will work on weekdays.
Members are notified each month by email and anyone is welcome to join us.

Upcoming Events
23-Apr-2021 Festival Of Making
24-Apr-2021 Festival Of Making